• Virus/Spyware/Malware/Ransomware Removal- Rid yourself of spyware and prevent from being victimized in the future!
  • Security Audits- Virus cleanup and full security checks to make sure you're clean and up to date.
  • Data Recovery / Backup- Lost some data? Crashed hard drive? Let me recover your data for you and teach you how to backup future data to prevent total loss.
  • Hardware Replacement/Installs- Faulty Hardware? Uncertain of what's broken? Allow me to diagnose and replace that piece of faulty equipment and get your computer back up and running, or install that new Hard Drive or Memory you want to speed up your system!
  • Operating System Upgrades- Move on up from XP and Vista into newer Windows Operating Systems such as 7 and 8.
  • Email Setup- Need help setting up an email account? Outlook perhaps? Not a problem, give me a call!
  • Custom Desktop Builds- Let me help you create a list of items to build a desktop that's perfect for your needs.
  • And Much More...!
  • Network infrastructure- Run cables, set up switches, routers, and other infrastructre devices.
  • Domain Management- Configure your offices group policies and tighten security in an unsure environment.
  • Server Management- Security and diagnostic audits to make sure your personal or business servers are running smoothly.
  • Web Server Management- Got a web server and you need help configuring it, give me a call! I can help with that too!
  • Security Camera Installation and ConfigurationInfrastrcture install and DVR configuration for remote and local setups.
  • Full Home and Business Security Audits- Let's do all of the above and make sure you're personal data is secure.
  • And Much More...!